Victorian Primary Care Partnerships

Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership (BLPCP) is an active member of the Victorian Primary Care Partnerships (Vic PCP).


Vic PCP is a voluntary alliance of the 28 Primary Care Partnerships (PCP) in Victoria. It exists to support and promote the PCP platform and the broader use of partnerships to achieve improvements in population health and wellbeing.


Vic PCP’s role is to advocate for future investment, identify and capitalise on new opportunities for growth and support PCPs to deliver outcomes that improve the health status of all Victorians.


All PCPs are able to participate in strategic planning processes for VicPCP which is directed by the Leadership Executive with representative from each region. VicPCP is auspiced by Enliven and the work is supported by a small number of paid staff.






BLPCP is an active participant and contributes to the development of Vic PCP statewide positions, discussions papers and submissions to government.


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Vic PCP Submissions


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Contributing to better health and wellbeing outcomes for communities

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Making the Invisible Visible 


VicPCP Exemplar PCP Initiatives 


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