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New program keeps people housed

By Haven; Home, Safe

Haven; Home, Safe is a progressive person-centred not-for-profit that connects people with housing options and integrated supports so that they can find and keep a place to call home.

We are both a homelessness support service and a registered housing association, delivering about 20 different programs across the Loddon region.

The State Government’s Homes for Victorians strategy and record investment of $2.1 billion into homelessness services and social housing has meant we are entering a very new and exciting phase.

One of the newer programs we are now delivering from our Bendigo office is the Private Rental Assistance Program (PRAP).

Private rental assistance is a preventative intervention that provides holistic support to households vulnerable or at risk of becoming homeless.

PRAP funds help rapidly rehouse people, support at risk households to sustain affordable and appropriate housing in the private rental market and assist people who currently live in crisis, transitional or social housing to become independent in the private rental market.

Each potential client is assessed individually, with an emphasis on identifying personal or financial capabilities that can be enhanced to improve their capacity to sustain appropriate and affordable housing in the private rental market.

Private rental assistance is a flexible form of assistance program designed to be tailored to the needs of the individual and used to the best effect given the local private rental market conditions. Brokerage funds of up to $2000 can be used for:

  • Rent in advance or in arrears

  • Costs associated with accessing private rental such as storage costs, transport rental inspections, clothing for interviews with real estate agents and landlords or payment of bond

  • Costs associated with establishing a new tenancy such as furniture or appliances, removalist costs or utility connection

  • Alleviation of debts or one off financial assistance in times of crisis

  • Life skills training to learn about budgeting, bill payments, house maintenance, tenant responsibilities and rights

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