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BLPCP Strategic Plan rolled over until 2018

Updated: Sep 19, 2017

By Eileen Brownless, BLPCP Executive Officer

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has extended the existing Primary Care Partnership (PCP) Program Logic until the end of June 2018 to allow the department to review the focus of Primary Care Partnerships across Victoria.

In early 2017, Victorian Primary Care Partnerships (Vic PCP) submitted a Future Directions Paper to DHHS outlining the PCP model’s unique strengths and the value the model can continue to bring to the health and community sector.

In addition, Loddon Mallee Region PCPs have developed a complementary Strategic Directions paper for our areas and participated in the development of a document reviewing the Reporting requirements for PCPs with other North Division PCPs.

These papers are currently being considered.

As each PCP develops its four-year strategic plan based on the Program Logic, Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership (BLPCP) has chosen to rollover its existing strategic plan for an additional 12 months to coincide with the release of the new Program Logic next year and the anticipated refocus for PCPs.

Current BLPCP partners have been contacted to extend their Partnership Agreement for this extended term to end of June 2018.

Partner organisations that have yet to return the agreement are encouraged to do so at their earliest convenience if they wish to continue to be one of our valued partner organisations.

If your organisation has any questions or concerns regarding the agreement please contact our Executive Officer, Eileen Brownless on 03 4444 2414 or by email at eileenbrownless@bchs.com.au.

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