Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity

What is the Coalition?

The Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity was established in 2018 and is a diverse collective of 35 organisations and groups (as at June 2021) in the public, private and community sector, dedicated to advancing gender equity and the prevention of violence against women. Coalition members collectively employ over 8,500 staff in Greater Bendigo and have direct and regular contact with the community through the delivery of programs, services and facilities.

The Coalition’s vision is to see:

‘A community where all people are respected, safe to participate in all aspects of community life and have equitable access to the resources they need to succeed in achieving their aspirations, whilst living in a community that is free from violence against women.’


What does the Coalition do?

The Coalition has developed a Gender Equity Strategy to guide their collective efforts in advancing gender equity in Greater Bendigo over the next five years. The strategy targets structural, relational and attitudinal change in its objectives and focuses on six settings in which to enact social change; workplaces, education, community, health, sport and recreation and emergency management. The Coalition will form an action group per setting and work alongside community members to drive social change in these settings.



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To access the Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity Strategy, Click Here

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Loddon Family Violence Network

Loddon Family Violence Network (LFVN)

The Loddon Family Violence Network brings together organisations to plan, implement and evaluate the “Feel Safe and Secure” components of Living Well in Loddon, Loddon Shire’s Municipal Public Health and Well being Plan, 2017-2021. Outcomes identified in the plan include;

  • Children are safe, resilient and free from abuse and family violence

  • Services are local and accessible

  • Improve gender equity in Loddon community

  • Build capacity in workplaces and the community to identify, prevent and address family violence


If you would like more information or assistance please contact CNV or Orange Door


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To access the Loddon Family Violence Network Service List, Click Here