Living with COVID

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If you’ve had a test for COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the result is positive, indicating that you have COVID-19, you must follow the directions given to you by your local public health unit or doctor. If your symptoms are mild, you may be advised that it is safe for you to manage your symptoms at home, instead of going to hospital.


This guide provides advice on how to manage a mild case of COVID-19 at home, if you have been advised to do so by your GP, another doctor or your local public health unit. At the end of this guide, you’ll find appendices of My COVID-19 action plan and My daily symptom diary. The action plan should be filled out after a discussion with your GP, and should be kept somewhere easy to find.


If you need to consult any healthcare professional or call for an ambulance, show them the plan. Fill out the symptom checklist every day while you are unwell, or for as long as advised by your general practitioner (GP). This will help you keep a check on how you’re feeling, and will also help your GP track your symptoms and determine whether your management plan needs changing.

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