Access, Equity and Integration

Three areas will be worked under the Access, Equity and Integration Focus. The client and community empowerment work of the last 4 years will be built upon and extended in the areas of Consumer Engagement and Health Literacy. Service Integration will be supported redirected from previous Service Coordination and Chronic Disease systems management.


  1. Access

  2. Equity

  3. Service Integration


Partner organisations to access BLPCP resources to review quality of organisational health literacy and develop quality improvement implementation plan and actions


Strengthen understanding of health outcomes and impact of inequality and inequity.

Service Integration

Service Coordination and Integration


Enhance cross-sector service coordination and integration opportunities between partner organisations


  • Service Coordination and Integration Committee


  • Service Coordination and Connecting Care Workforce Development


Develop opportunities to strengthen understanding and relationships across sectors.

Service Planning

Take up opportunities to enhance service systems and health outcomes through evidence based service systems planning and design.


Planning would incorporate social model of health and cross sector integration to support client centred care, enhanced access and support equity


As part of Access, Equity and Integration, BLPCP have been working in the Health Literacy and Designing Easy to Read Resources area. Click each to find out more.