Health Eating and Active Living (HEAL)

Regular physical activity and a nutritious diet are important for maintaining good health, preventing the development of health risk factors or poor health and enhancing self-confidence and social connections.


Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership (BLPCP) plays a key role in the facilitation of a range of strategies to assist health and community organisations across the Bendigo and Loddon regions to identify areas of need and design, implement, share and evaluate initiatives that encourage the community to be more active and eat more balanced diets.




The Healthier Eating & Active Living (HEAL) Working Group for Loddon meets bi-monthly to work collaboratively to plan, implement and evaluate the healthy eating and active living components in the Loddon Shire's Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan, Living Well in Loddon

For more information on the HEAL Working Group, please contact the Prevention Project Worker.



Fresh Produce
Boys During a Sports Practice
School Girls During Workout
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