Health Literacy

A Health Literate organisation is one that makes it easy for anyone to find, understand and use information and services.



  • use every day health words

  • are easy to phone

  • are easy to visit and find your way in

  • have staff who are easy to understand

  • have easy to read forms and brochures

  • are easy to look up on the web

  • talk to consumers about what they need.


A Health Literate organisation will:

  • improve health outcomes

  • strengthen their strategic and operational advantage

  • improve consumer safety and reduce legal risk through effective communication

  • improve quality and meet accreditation standards

  • improve consumer satisfaction and reduce complaints

  • improve efficiency and cost effectiveness

Impact Report - Designing Easy to Read Resources 2019
DERR Impact Report JAN 2020_Page_1.jpg
Health Literacy Environment 
Audits - Poster 2018
BLPCP Health LiteracyPoster2018.jpg
Designing Easy to Read Resources Poster 2019
Designing easy to read resources poster_
Health Literacy Environment Audit - Heathcote Health Case Study 2017
Bendigo Loddon PCP Health Literacy Case
Designing Easy to Read Resources Workshops - Overview 2018
VicPCP Online Health Literacy Course 
Online health literacy course.JPG