Family Violence

Family Violence is any violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in current or past family, domestic or intimate relationships. This includes physical injury, threats, sexual assault, emotional and psychological torment, economic control, damage to property, social isolation and any behaviour which causes a person to live in fear.


Family violence is common and its effects are wide-ranging, affecting the work of all Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership's (BLPCP) partners and associates. As such BLPCP plays an advocacy, coordination and facilitation function, assisting health and community organisations across the Bendigo and Loddon region to tackle the issue.


We understand there is no single cause of violence against women. Research and evidence shows the key drivers to be:


  • Low support for gender equality

  • Rigid gender roles and stereotypes


These two factors, particularly when combined with broader support for violence, foster the conditions for violence against women to occur. Gender inequality is the core of the problem and it is the heart of the solution.

Loddon Family Violence Network (LFVN)

The Loddon Family Violence Network brings together organisations to plan, implement and evaluate the “Feel Safe and Secure” components of Living Well in Loddon, Loddon Shire’s Municipal Public Health and Well being Plan, 2017-2021. Outcomes identified in the plan include;

  • Children are safe, resilient and free from abuse and family violence

  • Services are local and accessible

  • Improve gender equity in Loddon community

  • Build capacity in workplaces and the community to identify, prevent and address family violence



For more information please contact the Prevention Project Worker.


Respectful relationships


Supported by the Victorian State Government, Our Watch is working with secondary schools in Victoria to help young people build healthy relationship skills. This work supports school leaders and teachers to implement new curriculum guidance, and to create more equal and respectful school cultures.



Let's change the story: Violence against women in Australia video. 

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Unpacking Violence 

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