Consumer Engagement

Improved consumer engagement and participation with health organisations is critical to improving service planning, design and monitoring and is a fundamental component of quality improvement.


Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership (BLPCP) Consumer Engagement Project aims to support self-nominated partner agencies in successful consumer engagement. Training and auditing sessions help build capacity and enhance existing consumer engagement process, systems and frameworks.


BLPCP is tackling consumer engagement and participation by providing audits to local health organisations, with recommendations on practical ways to improve.  Using a range of audit tools enables agencies to identify gaps in these processes and establish quality improvement plans to strengthen consumer engagement further.


An important focus of the project is the role and function of existing Consumer Advisory Groups and the potential for establishment of these structures where they do not currently exist.

Stage one of the project is currently underway by delivery of the first two Modules of the Consumer Participation Framework with BLPCP Partner Agencies.

For more information about the project view our case study or contact the Consumer Engagement Project Worker.